Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

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Over the last few years, I’ve posted so many ideas for a Kentucky Derby Party.  I just wanted to link all of those ideas for you in one post, so you can reference them all for your best, most fun Kentucky Derby Party, ever!  Whether it is how to style a Derby party, free Derby party printables, Derby desserts ideas or Derby ideas for kids, we’ve got you covered.  Simply

Free Kentucky Derby Party Printables

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One of my most pinned and most visited posts is my Kentucky Derby Party from several years ago.  It’s a party that is close to my heart for several reasons. First, I am a Kentucky girl, so designing a Kentucky Derby party was so much fun!  Second, it was one of the first parties that really kick started this business.  It received a lot of press, so it helped to get

ACC Conference State Pride Prints


Our State Pride Prints are our biggest sellers.  Home truly is where the heart is! Our customers love to express your love of home in their artwork! And now, the states we have in our Shop can be ordered in colors that match not only your home state, but also your alma mater.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showing you what all of the State Pride Prints look like for the

Girl Boss Series: How to Start a Hand Lettering Business

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Lately, I’ve read several posts in Facebook groups and other places online where hand letterers have mentioned that they just aren’t sure how to go about starting a hand lettering business.  I have seen so many talented hand letterers on Instagram that have the most gorgeous lettering posts.  But, some of those artists still haven’t really turned their passion and talent into a business.  If that is something you have struggled

Fun and Bright Carnival Photoshoot Ideas

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The carnival was in town this past week.  My daughter and I were so excited when we saw the carnival was setting up at Fayette Mall.  But, we had no plans to ride any of the rides.  Instead, we wanted to use the colorful backdrop to take photos!  Luck for me, my girl is a willing model to let me practice my photography skills.  The resulting photos from the shoot are

Girl Boss Series: Why You Should Do A Thursday Night Check In


  I be that you are currently thinking, What is a Thursday Night Check In? The answer is that it’s really just a chance to pour into your business.  Moreover, a Thursday Night Check In can help you work less, but get more done each week.  So, let’s get into the details of the Thursday Night Check In: What is a Thursday Night Check In? For my business, I primarily work all days on

Easter Bunny Donuts


Simple holiday treats are my jam!  With our busy schedule, I just don’t have the time to do an elaborate set up for every holiday.  But, we do like to celebrate every day with just a little something special.  These little Easter bunny donuts are perfect for a small Easter breakfast on Sunday morning or as a dessert to take to a large Easter brunch. The best part about these little

Girl Boss Series: 4 Little Known Reasons Creative Entrepreneurs Need a Business Plan


  It doesn’t really matter if you have been in business for several years or just several weeks; you need a business plan.  You might be thinking like that is something that is going to take too long or isn’t really necessary.  But, as I am rewriting my business plan right now, I wanted to give you several reasons why you need to either do one or update the one

Pastel Easter Table Inspiration and Styling Ideas


Easter is just a few weeks away, so if you are hosting an Easter meal this year, it’s time to start thinking about how to set your Easter table.  This table takes inspiration from my most favorite Easter candy – Cadbury Mini Eggs.  Not only are they the tastiest Easter candy, they are the perfect color palette for a light and airy Spring table. When planning a table décor, I

Spring Art Prints Available for a Limited Time

Hope Spring Art Print

  If you are refreshing your house for Spring, now is a great time to freshen up your artwork, too.  All of our Spring Art Prints are now on sale 25% off.  Our Shop is currently going through a transformation to make it even better for you.  As part of that change, many of our current art prints will be retired after this season.  All of these art prints have