{Home} Ideas for Small Bathroom Decor


When we moved into our house, most of it was painted some shade of cream or beige.  It was great because all of our furniture and paintings didn't clash with the existing paint.  However, I like a little brighter white and more colorful palette.  We've been slowly painting many of the rooms in the … [Read more...]

{Holidays} Earth Day Ideas

earth-day-ideas-banner (2)

Earth Day kinda snuck up on me this year with Easter being so late in the Spring.  I thought about it last night and realized that we were going to have a rare day where both kids would be home after school.  Lately, with track and baseball starting up, there aren't a lot of days where both kids are … [Read more...]

Little Lamb Party Ideas


  What could be cuter than a fluffy little lamb theme?  A sweet little lamb party is a perfect party theme not only for Easter, but also for Spring birthdays and shower.  Our Little Lamb Printable Party Collection has been one of our most popular Collections this Spring.  I created the … [Read more...]

{Holidays} 10 Easter Treats for Kids


Can we talk about Peeps?  I know I am a grown up and probably should have grown out of my obsession for Peeps.  But, really with all the new flavors that they have now, I just can't quit my Peeps habit.  Have you tried the Sweet Lemonade Peeps?  Ah-mazing!!  Easter dessert could be just a tray of … [Read more...]