{Holidays} Christmas Dining Room Decor


This time of year, I love looking at all the gorgeous home tours by many talented decorating bloggers.  There are so many fantastic Christmas home tours with so many varied decorating styles.  I typically get sucked into hours of computer time checking out all the beautiful ideas.  But, it … [Read more...]

{Holidays} Simple DIY Monogrammed Ornament


For the Christmas Tree in my daughter's room, I wanted to include some type of ornament that would reflect a little bit about her.  Like most of her middle school friends, she is totally obsessed with monograms.   Of course that's something I hope she never grows out of!  As Reese Witherspoon said, … [Read more...]

{Holidays} Teen Christmas Decor Ideas


My seventh grader has grown taller than I am in the last year.  I've jokingly told her that the taller she gets, the higher the heels on my shoes will be getting!   It really stinks to realize that your baby is bigger than you are :(   But, no matter how tall she becomes, she will always be my … [Read more...]

{Recipes} Gingerbread Pretzels


Looking online this time of year can be dangerously tempting!   Last week, as I was going through my Facebook feed, I saw some yummy looking cinnamon pretzels from Cleverly Inspired.  I am a total sucker for the sweet and salty combination, so as soon as I saw those yummy looking pretzels, I … [Read more...]