Girl Boss Series: Why You Should Do A Thursday Night Check In



I be that you are currently thinking, What is a Thursday Night Check In? The answer is that it’s really just a chance to pour into your business.  Moreover, a Thursday Night Check In can help you work less, but get more done each week.  So, let’s get into the details of the Thursday Night Check In:

What is a Thursday Night Check In?

For my business, I primarily work all days on Mondays and Fridays.  I try to do batch work sessions on those days, so I can spend less time working the other days of the week. The other days I do  spend 1-2 hours in the morning on maintenance issues like shipping and social media posting.  So, I am working throughout the week, but Friday is the last big work day of the week.

To make the most of my Fridays and what I accomplish those days, I try to do a Thursday Night Check In.  Basically, that entails sitting down at the end of the day on Thursday and taking a look at the week.  First, I make a list of what I have accomplished for the week.  It’s a great way to acknowledge that I am moving forward in my business.  Looking at what all I have done for the week gives me the motivation to get even more done.  Second, I make a list of what I still need to get done.  This includes both big picture/goal items and small maintenance items, like picking up prints from the printer or shipping to customers.  Finally, I prioritize the items that still need to get done.

Why do a Thursday Night Check In?

Once I start working on Fridays, I have a prioritized list of what items need to get done that day and the order they should be done.  The Thursday Night Check In has made my last work day of the week the most productive.  Before doing the Thursday Night Check In, I was just addressing whatever items on my to-do list that I thought could be done.  There was no focus on what items my time would be best spent on.  There are so many items that need to be done, we can often be pulled in so many directions and not ever really get a lot done.  But making my work time more focused and intentional, I’ve been able to work less while getting more done.  It’s also allowed me to carve out time to work on my goals for the next 3 months, 1 year or 3 year.

Of course, if  you don’t work on Fridays, the Thursday Night Check In can be done on another day of the week.  It works best if it is done the afternoon or night before your last work day of the week.  For example, if your last work day of the week is Wednesday, you could do your Check In on Tuesday evening.

Give the Thursday Night Check In a try.  Then, pop back by and comment on what you thought.  Did it make a difference in your productivity?  How did it change your work flow?


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