Fun and Bright Carnival Photoshoot Ideas


The carnival was in town this past week.  My daughter and I were so excited when we saw the carnival was setting up at Fayette Mall.  But, we had no plans to ride any of the rides.  Instead, we wanted to use the colorful backdrop to take photos!  Luck for me, my girl is a willing model to let me practice my photography skills.  The resulting photos from the shoot are bright, colorful, and fun!



If you are looking for some carnival photoshoot ideas, I’ve got four simple tips for you, so when the fair comes to your town, you’ll be ready for snap some great photos!

  • Dress in solid, bright colors.  Since the carnival has so many bright colors, choose an outfit what is a solid color, not a pattern.  Clothes with a pattern would compete with the colors and patterns of the fair.
  • Seek out shade.  Each of the shots here were taken in shade, although it was a very bright day.  Seek out spots that are just in the shade so there are not any weird light patches or shaded areas on the face.


  • Try lots of different poses and places for varied interest.  We basically just moved around the carnival to each little ride or vending spot to find some great backdrops.


  • Don’t worry about people in the background.  Typically, if I am shooting outdoors in a public location, I’ll try to find a private spot for the pictures.  But, with a carnival or fair photo shot, the people in the background make the photo look more authentic and interesting.




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