St. Patrick’s Day Mini Cupcakes


I’m always looking for simple ways to create beauty in every day.  And, one of the best ways to do that is to find a way to celebrate holidays and other days with simple treats or projects.  These little mini cupcakes are a simple, sweet treat for St. Patrick’s Day.  My daughter and I made and decorated them after school, yesterday.  Topping them with a glaze instead of actual buttercream frosting made them so simple and yummy.


To make these mini muffins, I first used a chocolate cake mix to make the batter.  For a richer cake batter, substitute the water with milk and the oil with melted butter.  The glaze is just powdered sugar and milk.  Start with about a cup of powdered sugar, then add milk, 1 tablespoon at a time, until you have the consistency you want.


To make them St. Patrick’s Day themed,  gathered the green, gold and white sprinkles or nonpareils that I had at the house.  I also got out the green food coloring to make a mint green glaze.  After making the glaze, I dipped the top of the cupcakes in the glaze and sprinkled them with the sprinkles.  My daughter got creative with how she applied here sprinkles – dipping some of them in the sprinkles and sprinkling the others.  Simple and fun :)

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