Sweet Pink & Gold Valentine’s Day Dessert Table


When I set out to create a Valentine’s Day dessert table for this year, I was inspired by a gorgeous pink cake that I saw on Best Friends for Frosting.  It was a soft pink cake topped with … cotton candy!  Swoon! As soon as I saw it, I knew I needed to have one in my life.  Then I found the most beautiful pink and gold striped paper products at Walmart and the party came together.


Check back later this week for the instructions on how to make this fun Cotton Candy Cake.

Gold & Pink Valentine's Day Dessert Table by Mirabelle Creations

The gold, bright pink, and pale pink color palette was based on this fun tissue garland that was purchased at Walmart.  When this pink loving girl saw this banner, I was immediately in love.  The shiny gold on the garland matched the XOXO balloon banner that was also from Walmart.

Pink & Gold Valentine's Day Dessert Table by Mirabelle Creations

I used the pink & gold striped cups from the same Walmart Valentine’s collection, along with a metal “love” and heart topped ceramic dish.  I purchased the “love” décor since Love is my Word of the Year for 2017.


One of my favorite additions to a dessert table, is some type of art print or party sign.  Our Love Never Fails art print, framed in a simple gold frame, matched the garland and other paper products.



The Cotton Candy Cake was the star of the dessert table, so I kept the other items simple.  Dessert tables don’t have to go overboard on the sweets to be beautiful displays.





We also included Vanilla Meringue Kisses topped with heart sprinkles and Mini Cinnamon Rolls topped off with heart themed cupcake toppers.  You can get the Heart Party Circles and Place Cards in our Shop!

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