Why I Started Hand Lettering


If you have been poking around my Instagram account lately, you know that I have a serious love affair with hand lettering.  Several people have asked me why I started to hand letter.  When I first started learning graphic design to make invitations and other paper party goods, my favorite part was picking out the fonts to use.  The fonts were always my favorite part picking the design.  I just love how each font seems to have it’s own personality.


Since I have had a love of fonts for some time, it was just a natural progression that I’d want to start creating my own hand lettering to create words in a font that is unique and personal.  I love that I can create custom words that can be incorporated into the art prints and invitations that I design.



Hand lettering can also be incorporated into beautiful parties in other ways, too.  For example, this hand lettered football added a fun, unique touch to a tailgating party that I designed.  Hand lettering can be incorporated onto chalkboards, menu board designs, place cards and other items to add a unique touch to your party.


If you’d like to learn to hand letter, a great starting place is our free 5 Day How to Learn Lettering Free Challenge.  You can sign up for the course, here, and it is completely FREE. Learning to hand letter isn’t difficult at all, you just need to practice the right way.  And, don’t worry if you normal handwriting is terrible.  Mine sure is horrible!  With just a little time and practice and few of the right tools, you can also learn to hand letter.  It’s great whether you just want to beautifully address your own envelopes or you want to incorporate pretty lettering into invitation designs or other party goods.

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