Behind the Design :: Though She Be But Little She is Fierce Print


For today’s Behind the Design Series, I wanted to share one of our most popular prints from 2015.  Our best selling print from our Etsy Shop and the markets we participate in was our My Old Kentucky Home print.  Other than our state prints, our most popular selling print is this watercolor art print.

Can I just tell your how elated I am that this And Though She But Little She is Fierce Print is one of our best sellers?!?! To me, that means there are a lot of amazing, powerful women out there.  We are also raising a new generation of fiery, bold daughters that are going to go out there and change the world!


I love that there are so many of you mommas out there doing the most holy work of raising a little girl.  Even more exciting to me, you are raising daughters who are not afraid to ask the tough questions, challenge the norm, love intensley, kick some ass now and then, live out their passions and be true to themselves. Sometimes the world makes it tough for us to impart those important traits on our girls, but we are doing it.  And, it may be one of the most important jobs we ever have.

This print is available in 5×7″, 8×10″ or 11×14″ sizes.

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