{Kids} – Dinosaur Lunch Box


Depending on whether you are excited or sad about Back to School, this is either a fabulous or depressing time of the year!  In our house, you’ll find one child who is excited and another who is sad.  Plus, you’ll find a momma who goes back and forth between thrilled and depressed about back to school depending on when you ask 😉  No matter how you feel about back to school, it’s time to start thinking about creative school lunches.   Today, I’m sharing a healthy, fun Dinosaur Lunch.

This Dinosaur Lunch would be fun for any school day or even a lunch at home for your little dino lover.  This Dinosuar Lunch would also be great for a Dinosaur Themed Party, especially since you can make it ahead of time.  Later this week, I’m going to be sharing some fun Dinosaur Activities and party goods.  So, make sure to check back later throughout the week!


To make this Dinosaur Lunch, I first made a PB&J sandwich using a dinosaur sandwich cutter.  If you have a child with a food allergy or one that doesn’t like peanut butter, you could use any type of sandwich.  The dinosaur sits on a mound of sugar snap peas and is surrounded by gummy dinosaurs.


My kids especially loved the Dinosaur Egg in the lunch box.  For the Dinosaur Egg, first hard boil and egg and let it cool.  Fill a small cup with water and about 10-20 drops food coloring, depending on desired shade of egg.  After the egg cools, hit the egg on the side of the counter so that it cracks, without removing any of the shell.  Gently squeeze the egg so that the shell cracks further.  Then, place the egg, with the cracked shell still intact, into a small cup filled with water and food coloring.  Leave egg in food coloring cup for about 5 minutes.  Remove egg, then peel the shell off.  This lunch also includes a cheese stick and cherries to round it out.

Check back later this week for more dinosaur ideas!


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