{Kids} Dinosaur Activities for Kids


This summer, my son has been talking about dinosaurs all the time.  Since he’s so into dinosaurs right now, I decided to have a little Dino Day for him.  For Dino Day, I planned a Dinosaur Activities board and a fun dinosaur lunch.  The Dinosaur Activities board included a dinosaur excavation kit, identifying the type of dinosaurs, a dinosaur mini book, plastic dinosaurs that changed colors, and gummy dinosaurs that needed to be excavated from brown sugar “dirt”.

Each of the items for the dinosaur activities were purchased at either the local dollar store or the dollar aisle at Target.  Even the white board was from the dollar store.  These activities would be a fun after school treat, a weekend activity or even for a Dinosaur themed party.  And, I guarantee that your dinosaur loving kiddo will absolutely love this fun activity board!!!




Do you have some great Dinosaur Activities?  If so, please share them in the comments section below!


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