{Holidays} 10 Easter Treats for Kids


Can we talk about Peeps?  I know I am a grown up and probably should have grown out of my obsession for Peeps.  But, really with all the new flavors that they have now, I just can’t quit my Peeps habit.  Have you tried the Sweet Lemonade Peeps?  Ah-mazing!!  Easter dessert could be just a tray of Peeps and me and my little people would totally fine with that!  However, if you want some other Easter treats for your littles, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite Easter Treats for Kids from some super talented bloggers.

For all of you Peeps lovers, there is one fun Peeps dessert in this roundup.  But, one thing you won’t find on this list is anything to do with those Cadbury Eggs.  Anyone else out there a little creeped out by them? No – well in that case, I’m just fine with them.  You just won’t catch me eating them 😉


Salted Caramel Easter Popcorn


Easter Bunny Rice Krispie Bars


Easter Egg Fruit Pizza


Bunny Tails


Bunny Ears Mousse


Milky Way Caramel Bunny Pretzel Bites

Easter Carrot Veggie Pizza

Carrot Shaped Veggie Pizza


Chocolate Peeps Pops


Easter Bunny Bottoms


Lemon Chicks

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