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For Mira’s Monogram & Lilly Inspired Birthday Brunch, I made several Lilly Pulitzer Party Crafts to decorate our dining room.  For the party décor, our starting point was the Lilly Pulitzer Lucky Charms tablecloth.  It was simply a twin flat sheet that I purchased from Garnet Hill.  The tablecloth set the colors for the party and also for the coordinating printable party collection that I designed.  I also wanted to incorporate the Lucky Charms pattern into other items in the  party, so I searched online for the pattern.  I found the following page on the Lilly Pulitzer blog:

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On the Lilly blog, you can download some of their iconic patterns right to your computer.  Just download the file.  It will save as a regular .jpg.  Using any photo editing program, you can size the .jpg file to a full size 8.5×11 page.   As you can see below, I used Picasa to edit the picture I had saved.   Then,  just simply print out your free Lilly Pulitzer paper with a color printer.

Fullscreen capture 3192014 14319 PM


I used the Lucky Charms pattern wallpaper, along with a few other patterns I found on the blog to make several Lilly Pulitzer Party Crafts, such as:  garland, mini garland, party circles, and paper medallions. These were such fun and inexpensive ways to add some extra Lilly pattern to the party décor.


Find the Lilly pattern Wallpaper you would like to use on the Lilly Blog.  Download and save the Wallpaper to your computer.  Using a photo editing program, size the Wallpaper to 8.5 x 11 and print.

For the Garland & Mini Garland:


1.  Make a triangle shaped pattern in any size flag you want.  Cut out the triangle to use as a template.

2. Print out Lilly Wallpaper paper.  You can also combine it with the striped paper from our Preppy Flamingo Collection, like I did.  If you want to have the pattern smaller for the Mini Garland, simply print out the picture in a smaller format, like 3 1/2″ x 5″.

3.  Hot glue the top corners of each flag to coordinating ribbon.  Alternatively, you could punch a small hole in the top corners of each triangle.  Then, string twine through the corner of each triangle to hang.

For the Paper Medallions:


For these easy medallions, I simply followed the great tutorial from one of my favorite sites, A Blissful Nest.

For the Party Circle:


I made a large party circle to go on the top of my daughter’s doughnut “cake”.  I first made a paper medallion out of pink cardstock.  The diameter of the paper medallion is about 4 inches.  Then, I used a 3 inch punch to cut out a circle of the Lucky Charms pattern.  Finally, on top, I added a 2 inch party circle from our Preppy Flamingo Printable Collection.

Free DIY Lilly Pulitzer Patterned Paper Party Crafts by Mirabelle Creations

If you are a Lilly lover, you’re going to want to stay tuned later this week.  I’ll be sharing how I made the monogrammed Lilly frames for just $1!


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