{Party Crafts} Circle Monogram Wall Art


When I started researching ideas for my daughter’s Monogram & Lilly inspired brunch, I found the following wooden circle monogram wall art on PB Teen.  It’s a fun piece of art that would be perfect for a teen’s bedroom.  But, I also thought the concept would make a perfect backdrop for a dessert table.



 The  only problem with the wooden monogram art is that it’s a more expensive than I wanted to spend for a dessert table backdrop.   I also wasn’t sure if it was a piece that would later work in my daughter’s bedroom, especially since it needed to be pink and she doesn’t have much pink in her room.  So, I set out to recreate the look with a smaller price tag.   The monogram wall art that I made was made out of foam board, instead of wood.  I purchased a piece of foam board from Michaels for less than $5.


What you’ll need:

20×30″ Foam board

Hot Knife 

Monogram Print Out (directions below)


Craft Paint

Paint Brush



1.  For this project, I used the Circle Monograms Font Family by Harold’s Fonts.  It’s my favorite circle monogram font.  Start by opening your word processing software and make your page dimensions 12×18.  Make your monogram with a circle around it.  The diameter of the circle should have a 9″ diameter.  Make sure the edges of your monogram touch the inner edge of a circle border.  This is how you’ll be able to cut out the circle and monogram all together without separating the letters.

2.  Either upload your monogram file to a printing shop website or take it into a printing company to be printed.  Ask them to print your file as a 24×36″ engineering print.   I have done this at both Staples and Office Depot and it is usually less than $8 for the print.


3.  Wrap your 24×36″ engineering print around the foam board.  Secure the print to the foam board with a piece of tape.


4.  Beginning inside the monogram, use your hot knife to cut out the white background.  The hot knife is a great tool and will easily cut right through the foam board.



5. Continue cutting until all the white background is removed.  Smooth out any rough spots.


6.  Cut out around the outer edge of the circle.  Remove the stencil.


7. If desired, paint the monogram with craft paint.

8.  To hang the monogram, simply use Command Strips for Posters.



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