DIY Mini Piñatas

Mexican Party

These Mini Piñatas  are a fun little place holder or favor to put at each place setting for a Mexican themed dinner party.  Guests will appreciate the little piñata full of sweet surprises that they can break open after dinner.  And, if you happen to make these around your kiddos, you might have to make a few extra ones for them to enjoy 😉

Mexican Party

What You’ll Need:

Cardboard Toilet Paper Rolls

Tissue Paper

Hot Glue Gun

Duct Tape



Toilet Paper Roll Pinata


1.  Cut a square of tissue paper.  Glue tissue paper over the top of the toilet paper roll.  You may want to use a couple of layers of tissue paper to cover the top.

2. For the bottom, attach a piece of duct tape to one side of the roll, then fold over the tape to create a little flap.  The flap will be a square – cut it to a circle, the size of the bottom of the tissue paper roll.  Cut a small hole in the center of the flap.  Pull a piece of yarn through the hole and tape to the inside of the flap.  Cover the outside of the flap with a small piece of tissue paper.

3. Cut tissue paper into 4″ by 8″ strip.  Fold over tissue lengthwise so the tissue strip is 2″x8″.  Cut strips towards the fold to create fringe, leaving about 3/4″ uncut at the fold line.

4.  Starting at the bottom, wrap tissue paper fringe around the toilet paper roll, gluing as you go.  Repeat three times, so that there is four layers of fringe on the piñata.  Make sure the top layer is the same color tissue you used to cover the top of the tissue paper roll.

5.  Fill with goodies!





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    Christina says

    I love the look of these, so cute! However I wish there were more pictures for step #2 because I’m not quite understanding how to construct the duct tape flap. These would be great for a Cinco de Mayo party! Or favors for my daughter’s first birthday! What kid or adult for that matter wouldn’t love their own piñata?!


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