{Holidays} 5 Christmas Card Photo Ideas

If you are planning on using a family photo for your Christmas card this year and are still looking for picture ideas, I have a few sweet ideas for you!!  Some of my favorite Christmas card designs highlight the pictures, rather than a very intricate design on the card.  The sweet family pictures are what we all really love seeing!  Over the past several years, my Christmas cards have been designed in this way.  Our Christmas Card Collection also reflects my love for highlighting beautiful family photos.  Here are two of the cards from our Christmas Photo Card Collection that were designed to put the focus on the family photos:


 Merry Christmas Card


Happiest Holidays Card


If you haven’t yet done so, this weekend is the perfect time to head out and take few pictures of your family.  When I took pictures of my kiddos a couple of weeks ago, I needed serious patience!  And, I took SO MANY photos to get that one perfect shot!  I think that’s the key to getting a great shot.  I may take about 50-75 pictures before I get the perfect photo!

If you aren’t sure on what you’d like to do for pictures , here are a 5 great ideas for your Christmas Card photos:

1.  Twinkling Christmas Lights

Taking pictures in a front of twinkling lights is a festive idea for Christmas photos.  For a few tips on taking pictures with twinkling lights in the background, check out this post and this post.

Christmas Picture Ideas Mirabelle creations

{Lindsey Mills Photography}


2.  Snow

Pictures taken with snowy backgrounds are perfect for Christmas.  But, if you rarely have snow before Christmas where you live, you can achieve the look with a little fake snow.  Mix fake snow with some glitter, put it in your kids’ hands, then have them blow!!  You can read some other tips for these pictures, here.

Family Christmas Photo

{Britian Earl Photography}

3. Banners

When I’m taking pictures of my kids, they often turn out better if the kids have some type of “prop”.  I think maybe because it gives them something to focus on rather than focusing on the fact that I’m taking their picture.  One simple prop that looks great in pictures is a banner.  A banner with any Christmas greeting will work!

Family Christmas Photo Ideas

 {Derksen Photography}

4.  Cookies and Pajamas

This gorgeous picture captures some of our favorite Christmas items.  Every year, I purchase matching Christmas pajamas for my kids.  We also make Christmas sugar cookies in December.  I love the idea of combining these two items for a beautiful Christmas picture.


Family Christmas Photo MIrabelle Creations

 Lana Sky Photography


5. Christmas Trees

Outdoor pictures are my favorite types of portraits.  It’s so much easier to get the lighting right outdoors.  And, what better outdoor place for a Christmas picture than a Christmas tree farm.  Of course, any outdoor Christmas tree or similar style tree would make a great backdrop, too.

Family Christmas Photo Mirabelle Creations

{Alissa Saylor Photography}


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