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Fall has finally arrived where we live and it has been glorious, so far!  We’ve had cool, crisp mornings with warm, sunny afternoons.  The cooler weather always prompts me to get out our Fall decorations and to start cooking pumpkin flavored baked goodies!  Our new house has much cooler colors than our old house.  So, I decided to change up some of our old Fall decorations to fit in with our new décor.  My first project was to cover some of our orange, Styrofoam pumpkins with old, recycled maps.


What I love about this project is how you can personalize the pumpkins to include cities that are important to your family.  You might notice that most of the cities on my pumpkins are in the South.  This pumpkin highlights the city of Atlanta.  My husband and I married when he was in medical school and I was in law school at Emory University.  We spent the first three years of our marriage living there, so it will always hold a special place in our hearts.


My in-laws recently went on a road trip.  For their trip, they stopped by AAA to get several maps for the trip.  Since they were going to throw out these maps, I snagged them for this project.  If you have old, vintage maps laying around, they would also look great for this project.


What you’ll need:

Styrofoam pumpkins

Modge Podge



Paint Brush


  1. Cut out a circle shaped piece of map that is slightly larger than the bottom of your pumpkin.
  2. Brush Modge Podge on the bottom of pumpkin.  Place piece of map over bottom.  Modge Podge over the piece of map, using your brush to smooth down the map as you go.  I also smoothed down the map, using my fingers.
  3. Let dry, bottom side up.
  4. Repeat for the top portion of the pumpkin, using small strips of paper, until pumpkin is completely covered.  I cut out even smaller pieces to fill in any portions that had not been covered.
  5. Let dry completely.


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    Rick says

    Hi. I found your site on the Make blog and reposted it on my blog.

    I would like to share your idea in my community newsletter. Is that okay with you?

    This is a wonderful idea. It’s fun, festive, and makes connections with the real world. Everything we love at McAuliffe.



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      DeannaDeanna says

      Hi Julie, I had those left over from last year. But, any small Styrofoam ones would work. I think I’ve seen some this year at Krogers and Michaels. Good luck!


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