{Free Printables} – Valentine’s Day Class Cards — Air Heads & Pencils

If you are still looking for class card ideas for Valentine’s Day, I have two free downloads for you.  First, I made the chalkboard inspired pencil Valentine’s Day cards for my son’s class party.  I love the chalkboard trend that is happening right now.  My son approved these cards, saying they weren’t too “girly”.  You can download the free printable card and simply tape a Valentine’s Day themed pencil to the back of the card. 
I made this second card for my daughter’s class.  Initially, she told me that she didn’t want me to make her Valentines. I wasn’t too surprised that now that she’s 10 she wouldn’t want a customized card.  Nothing that makes you stand out at that age, right?!  So, this weekend, we bought the Air Heads Valentine’s Day cards and kit.  She filled them out with her classmates’ names.  Then, she changed her mind and decided she wanted me to make her a card, after all.  {YES!}  Since we already had the Air Heads, we went with a “Love is in the Air” theme.  She also approved of these cards since they weren’t too personal.  She was adamant that the card not say anything that someone might be able to construe as a message that she liked them.  You can download the free printable card and attach an Air Head to it with tape. 


  1. Oh, your conversation with Mira brings back so many memories! Thankfully, my son was (is) still on board with the homemade Valentines too!


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